What Nurses Want That Most Hospitals Are Not Offering

What Nurses Want That Most Hospitals Are Not Offering

If you are a nurse looking to advance your career in the healthcare industry, you’ve probably looked at job listings from countless hospitals. These listings may offer competitive pay and benefits, but they don’t always describe how they will help you advance your career in nursing. This disconnect has no doubt contributed to the current nurse shortage. The 2023 Healthcare Executive Report from Incredible Health outlines some interesting statistics about the current state of nursing, and today we will dive into what nurses want that most hospitals are not offering.

What Do Nurses Want?

There is a generational gap in today’s nurses. There’s the old guard who have been in the profession for decades and a group of newer nurses who come into the profession with different expectations. New nurses are not just looking for a job; they’re looking for a career. According to the report linked above, 25% of newer nurses surveyed said they would leave the profession because of “limited career advancement training and opportunities,” which shows that many hospitals are not offering what they’re looking for.

Nursing is demanding work. It takes a lot of your time and energy, not leaving much to pursue further education and certifications outside of work. Because of this, nurses understandably expect their employer to assist with programs that help them advance their career on the job. It almost goes without saying that nurses with more education are given more career opportunities.  When hospitals don’t offer these types of programs, it can discourage newer nurses, sometimes even pushing them to leave the profession altogether.

To make the problem worse, hospitals often prioritize previous experience and additional qualifications when looking for new nurses, which boxes out people who became nurses more recently, as they have not had the opportunity to pursue those things.

How Can Hospitals Change?

This report claims that 94% of health system leaders say that the nursing shortage has reached a “critical” level. If they don’t increase their hiring rate, hospitals may not be able to handle another large-scale health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that something has to change, and hospitals are the best place to make that happen.

Instead of looking for nurses who will do what they’ve already been doing for years, hospitals should look for nurses who are ready to learn. Qualifications and certifications are important for maintaining a high standard of care, so hospitals should help their nurses achieve those things. Instead of expecting one experienced nurse to be able to handle everything a patient needs, hospitals should implement team-based care delivery models that take the pressure off of individual nurses.

If hospitals are able to shift their perspective on nurse hiring to one that puts value on the candidates they are hiring, then they will be able to hire and retain nurses that are satisfied with their work and career outlook.

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